Kee's Laundry Gallery call for Chinatown Instagram Submissions

Kee's Laundry Gallery call for Chinatown Instagram Submissions

Apr 02, 2012

Kee’s Laundry Gallery announced today an innovative new gallery show from Vancouver advertising agency St. Bernadine featuring Vancouver Chinatown street photography and the popular photo sharing application, Instagram.

Set to open on the evening of April 18th, “Instagallery” is a live and interactive exhibit that pulls photos with the hashtag #ChinatownYVR  from Instagram and projects them in the Kee’s Laundry Gallery space.  This interactive photography exhibit encourages anyone with an iPhone, an interest in photography, and a love of Vancouver’s Chinatown to add their photos into the gallery’s exhibit. Anyone can participate with a few easy steps:

  1. Download the Instagram app in the app store
  2. Take photos around Vancouver’s Chinatown
  3. Hashtag #Chinatown YVR in the photo’s caption
  4. See your photo incorporate into the gallery slideshow in April!

A special grand opening celebration will take place for media and the Chinatown neighbourhood the late afternoon of the opening day.  Once open, all are welcomed to view the exhibition anytime by street viewing or by appointment through

Kee’s Laundry Gallery is located at 230 East Georgia Street in the façade of advertising and branding firm, Saint Bernadine Mission Communications. The name Kee’s Laundry pays homage to an early business located in the same space in the early 1900’s.  The gallery plans to be home to a variety of uses, from art exhibitions to pop up shops. For more information about the gallery, please visit

About the Curator

St. Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. is a full-service advertising agency (advertising, branding, design & digital) that moved to Chinatown in 2011. Wanting to document and celebrate the diversity and rich cultural heritage of their new neighbourhood, the agency built an application using the Instagram API to showcase their favourite Chinatown Instagram photos in as inclusive and accessible a way as possible. 

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